Save with Arcadia Community Solar

Introducing the Portable Panel

Arcadia Power is pioneering the first nationwide community solar program. No matter where you live, house or apartment in all 50 states, you can subscribe to solar panels and see savings on your utility bill every month. Not staying put for the next 20 years? Not a problem. Savings from your Portable Panel will follow you wherever life takes you.

Select your panels

The more panels you buy, the more savings.


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How it Works

When you subscribe to a Portable Panel with Arcadia Power, you will see savings directly on your utility bill without having to put anything on your roof. No matter if you own your own home, rent, or live in the shade, you can choose the number of panels that’s right for you and your budget, saving you money on your power bill. And if you move, your savings move right along with you!

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Subscribe to an Arcadia Power Portable Panel online in just five minutes

Solar 2

Arcadia Power sets up community solar projects that produce electricity savings from the sun

Solar 3

You receive savings from your portable panel directly on your electricity bill, no matter where you live

A Portable Solar Experience

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  • Real-time solar production monitoring
  • Direct on-bill crediting
  • All projects insured & under warranty
  • 24/7 operations & maintenance
  • Savings analysis
  • Dedicated customer experience representatives

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